VVA monument at Saratoga National Cemetary
Monument being delivered by Wards monuments
monument arriving on site
monument being lowered into place by chepter members
monument being placed
monument setting into place by Wards monuments
the monument
awaiting to be set in place by chapter members
chapter members Jerry Wheeler, John Svandrlik, Charlie Walker, and Dick Bacon
The monument in place
chapter 79 color guard
Dick Roberts, Ron Rushia, Charlie Bearse, Don Amorosi, Dick Bacon, and an unkown helper
in memorium Father Lonnegan doing the Benediction
Chapter president John Svandrlik making a dedication
chapter members and onlookers
the monument in place
Adirondack chapter 79 secretary Jim Brown
A moment from our veterans day observance ceremony
Chapter president John Svandrlik with a  salute at our Veterans day observance
From our Veterans Day Observance
Can YOU spot chapter 79 president John Svandrlik in this photo? He's the young man on the left. Photo was taken in 67 at Cat Lo RVN where he served with the IUWG-1 Harbor Patrol USN
At the Wash. Memorial 3 soldiers statue.Bill Van Gilder, Ron Rushia, Charles Bearce, past president Gary Murphy, and chapter 79 president John Svandrlik
Chapter 79 president John Svandrlik, Don Amorosi, and chapter 79 Treasurer, Don Imrie with chapter 79's Soapbox Derby car built by the chapter so handicapped children could take part in the race
At the 2006 moving Wall in Saratoga Cnty .l to r - Dick Bacon, John Svandrlik, Jim Brown, Phil Chronkite, and Ned Foote
At a 2002 Memorial , Ray Sauter, John Svandrlik, Chris Noel  (she served as a volunteer in Viet Nam ) and Ron Rushia
From 2006 at The Wall. Bill Van Gilder and chapter 79 President John Svandrlik placing a painting by Ft. Ann school children. Dedicated to Owen Goodsell of Ft. Ann who was K.I.A.
This picture was taken on Lobby Day at the State Senate in Albany. From L-R = Chapter President Jim Brown,Senator Ron Stafford, Boxing Great Floyd Patterson, Gary Murphy,John Svandrlik,Ned Foote, & Ed Mazzochi
From L-R..Tom Chard, Dan Imrie, Jim Brown,& Chapter president John Svandrlik
Julie Van Gilder, Patty Rushia, daughter Sarah and boyfriend Tom, Tom Golden,Joe Golden,Ron Rushia
Jerry Wheeler & friends
Tom Chard, Lauren Chard, Katharina Mastrangelo, Pete Mastrangelo, and that's Robin Temple over on the left
Chapter Treasurer Dan Imrie & Chapter secretary Jim BrownJim
Jim & Sue Muma
Charlie & Marion Walters
Maureen Temple, Gayle Hall, & Chapter president John Svandrlik
Pete Mastrangelo, Tom Chard, & Lauren
MEMORY TABLE ..for those who are not with us anymore
Tom, Joe Golden, Dan Imrie, Jim Brown, & John Svandrlik
Jerry & Kathy Wheeler and friends
Tom, Ron &  Sarah Rushia, Bill & Julie Van Gilder, Patty Rushia, Tomi Golden, Joe Golden, & chapter president John Svandrlik
Chapter Treasurer Dan Imrie, and Chapter Secretary Jim Brown
The Head Table
The Temples, the Chards, Art Liberty, Martha, Gale Hall
Fron the VVA, N.Y.S. council Eastern Director Sam Hall presenting chapter 79's Treasurer Dan Imrie with a service award for allowing the chapter to use his establishment for their general office and meeting place...not to mention work space for all our projects.
Chapter secretary Dan Imrie accepting his service award from Sam Hall ( chapter member and VVA N.Y.S. Council  Eastern Director )
Chapter president John Svandrlik presenting a service award to chapter Secretary Dan Imrie for his years of service to the Chapter.
Chapter cabin fever dinner  @ V.F.W Post 2475, Glens Falls -  1/16/ 2010
                                                              Sunday, May 30th 2010
Vietnam Veterans Memorial @ Adirondack Community College
participants and spectators
Chapter Vice President Dick Bacon speaking to the crowd
V.V.A. director Sam Hall speaking
speaker  ret. Col. Chris Gibson, ..Charlie Bearce,..& Father Lonnegan
Boy Scout Troop 16 color guard along with chapter secretary Jim Brown
special guest speaker Chris Gibson..retired Army Colonel who did 3 tours in Iraq & Afganistan, and a tour in Bosnia, and is a Purple Heart recipient
Retired Colonel Chris Gibson
The monument before the flowers were placed
a veteran placing a red carnation for a fallen soldier
Chapter member..Charlie..Bearce.speaking..
along with chapter Treasurer Dan Imrie who was handing out carnations to be placed in front of the Monument
Sam Hall
Our flag at Half Mast
A veteran places a carnation and salutes
Boy Scout Troop 16 color Guard
Veteran and chapter member Don Amorosi
Don Amorosi saluting as a flower is placed in front of the monument
chapter member Dick Bacon saluting
The crowd along with participants
The color guard behind the crowd
overlooking the crowd at the memorial service
Chapter member and webmaster Vinnie Spero preparing to blow Taps
Chapter member Vinnie Spero preparing to blow Taps
Chapter member Dick Bacon addressing the crowd
Chapter member and webmaster Vinnie Spero blowing Taps
Bagpiper ...Killian Smith .playing Amazing Grace
Chapter member Vinnie Spero's wife Jude at the Monument
Father James Lonnegan leading the service in Prayer
Father Lonnegan
Our Monument
our Monument
Chapter member Vinnie Spero and wife Jude @ the Monument
Vinnie & Jude Spero
Chapter members..Sam Hall, Jim Brown, Don Amorosi, and Dan Imrie
Sam Hall, Jim Brown, Don Amorosi, Dan Imrie, and Vinnie Spero
Don Amorosi, Chris Gibson, Jim Brown, and Dan Imrie
Sam Hall and special guest speaker Chris Gibson
The Memorial
Chapter Board member Charlie Walters
Don Amorosi and Dick Bacon
Chapter Vice President Dick Bacon with his wife Marge
RonRushia, Joe Golden, Julie van Gilder, & Tomi Golden
Joe Golden with proprieter Howie Osborne and Ron Rushia
Jennifer Whitaker, Kathy& Jerry Wheeler, Gary Willette, and supporters
Chapter secretary Jim Brown with Jim & Sue Mumma
Chapter member Charlie Bennett and his wife Tammy
chaptyer vice President Dick Bacon on KP  duty
Bill van Gilder, Joe Golden, chapter secretary Jim Brown, chapter President John Svandrlik, Howie, Ron Rushia, Charlie Bennette, and Jim Muma
chapter secretary Jim Brown,chapter President John Svandrlik, Jerry Wheeler, Howie, and Ron Rushia
Bill van Gilder, Joe Golden, Jim Brown, John Svandrlik, Howie, Ron Rushia, Jerry Wheeler( in back) and Jim Muma
chapter V.P. Dick Bacon on KP duty along with the owners daughter Cheri
a veteran supporte ( TOM ) on KP duty
patrons and supporters at the bar with Ron Rushia
People enjoying the Lake and the music
A view from the East side of the Boat
Chapter President John Svandrlik checking things out
interior view of The Mohican. Chapter member Vinnie Spero ( on the right ) and his band
smooth sailing
a view from the upper deck with VVA President Ned Foote
some of the people on the upper deck
Chapter 79 President John Svandrlik and his wife Grace....He seems to be enjoying himself!
People enjoying the band ...Deja' Blue
Chapter member Vinnie Spero (on the right ) and his band Deja' Blue performing on board
the band performing
middle deck of The Mohican where the band performed.
one of the many custom cars on display
another beauty
one of the many people enjoying the cars
another beauty
plenty of muscle cars too
Looks like the Munsters showed up too !
Gotta love those Chevy's
something for everyone
some Troops stopped by to check out the machines
Now THAT'S  a limo !
nice pickup Truck
Jeff Belden, State Senator Roy McDonald, & Ron Rushia...all Chapter 79 members
Chapter 79 president John Svandrlik and State Senator Roy McDonald
Karen Covey..Director of Voluntery Services @ Albany V.A. Hospital
a view from the Hospital Roof
Military vehicles too
another Roof shot
2nd from left Chapter 79 President John Svandrlik and on the far Right Chapter 8 President John Rataino giving out awards
Awards Presentation
Awards Presentation
Awards Presentation
Peter Potter ...V.A. PR Man @ The Microphone
John & John with a Happy Karen Covey after the show
Bob Hilder
Presentation of "Best of Show" award by chapter 79 member Jerry Wheeler
 AUGUST 20th, 2010
Washington County Dairy Princess giving a speech
Veterans administrator Sam Hall
Congressman Scott Murphy giving a speech before the presentation
Chapter 79 member Ron Rushia accepting his BRONZE STAR and others from the Congressman
Ron Rushia giving his acceptance speech
A moment to reflect
V.V.A president Ned Foote ( center ) with Scott Murphy-L & one of the other Viet Nam veterans there accepting awards
another veteran accepting his award
Chapter member Jerry Wheeler  ( right ) accepting his award from V.V.A  President Ned Foote, and Congressman Murphy
V.V.A. President Ned Foote giving a speech
Veterans recieving awards
Chapter 79 Treasurer Dan Imrie accepting his award
Chapter 79 President John Svandrlik saying a few words to all in attendance
Veterans day memorial service @ Saratoga National Cemetary    11- 11 - 2010
The Monument..shadowed by chapter 79 members
chapter 79 color guard..Jim Brown,Ron Rushia, Dan Imrie, Charlie Walker
our color guard
Chapter President John Svandrlik presiding over the memorial service
Chapter President John Svandrlik, Vice President Dick Bacon, and chapter member Robin Temple
Robin Temple preparing to say a few words....
The Monument
The color guard presenting arms
Robin Temple with President John Svandrlik
Robin Temple striking the bell for all fallen soldiers
Chapter member Jerry Wheeler blowing Taps
Veterans and families/friends attending service
The folding of the Flag
Chapter members with friends and family members
Some nice looking machines
these automobiles are all privately ownned.
Nice lookin' Vet
Mellow Yellow
There was no shortage of mean street machines at the show
nice custom job
A nice lookin' Hot Rod street machine
Now here's a classic !
NICE.....I remember riding in one of these
a nice car to go for a Sunday ride in
A frontal view
Something for everyone
There were ALL types of street machines at the show
More of the diversity of the show
The HUGE flag "OLD GLORY" at the show in front of the VA Hospital in Albany
Another nice machine
There were military vehicles at the show also like this Army Gun Truck
Jeeps and 3/4 Ton military vehicles
Army Jeep
another suped up machine
nice color on this baby
Participants at the show,including Chapter Secretary,Jim Mumba
Chapter member Jerry Wheeler selling raffle tickets with a helper
Nice Truck....
There were even Motorcycles at the show
From Left to Right....
Joe Condon ..95.5 Radio Personality, Gerry Linen chapter 8, Paul Tonko U.S Congressman, Adirondack Chapter 79 President John Svandrlik, John Reitano Chapter 8 President, unknown, and Peter Potter VA Hospital director.
  2011   CAR SHOW at the V A Hospital in Albany, N.Y. ........A joint venture of Adirondack Chapter 79 and Troy Chapter 8
 Ron Rushia ( L ) & Bill Van Gilder meeting other vets at "The Wall" in Washington D.C..
Chapter 79 President John Svandrlik, and members Jeff Belden, Ron Rushia , and Jerry Wheeler
Jeff Belden at the The Wall
Wreath laid at the Wall by our chapter members
bikers stopping to shake chapter members hands ( front to back ) Jerry Wheeler, Jeff Belden, chapter President John Svandrlik, and Ron Rushia
Chapter 79 members with T-Shirt by the Wall in D.C.( right to Left ) Jerry Wheeler, Jeff Belden, chapter president John Svandrlik, Ron Rushia, Bill Van Gilder, and Chapter 8 member Jerry Linner
Ron Rushia greeting an Iraq vet who is a double amputee
Chapter members on their scooters ( L - R ) ron Rushia, Jeff Belden, and chapter President John Svandrlik
parade marchers
5 Ton truck  with former South Vietnamese Troops honoring VietNam vets
Parade marchers carrying an American Flag
A picture of our Chapters Monument at SUNY ADIRONDACK COLLEGE, from our Memorial day service there May 30th, 2012
A full view of the Monument at A.C.C.
Hudson Falls American Legion color Guard at this years Memorial day service, May 30th, 2012
From L-R  at this years Memorial day ceremony - Chapter 79 President John Svandrlik, chapter Treasurer, Dan Imrie, Chapter member Jim Brown, State V.V.A. President, Ned Foote, and Father Lonergan
Pics from Chapter members visit to "The Wall" in Washington D.C. and pics from our chapters Memorial day service at Suny Adirondack College, May 30th, 2012
Charlie Bennet, Vice President Jim Mumma, and Walter Clarke
Charlie Bearce, Robin Temple, Father Lonnegin ( foreground ) 
 (rear) Dan Imrie, & Jim Brown
Bag Pipers Mike Bonam, and Gerry Cashion
Mike Prutsman whose Dad was a Chapter President gave a moving speech
Our Chapter Monument at SUNY ACC
Grace Svandrlik giving rides up to the Monument
Jerry Wheeler and Chapter President John Svandrlik
Chapter 79's monument
Robin Temple saluting
Don Amorosi handing a Red Carnation to a family member
Bagpiper Gerald Cashion
Chapter member Jim Brown
Jim Brown{ front} and Don Amorosi
Chapter member Vinnie spero
Chapter member Robin Temple ( left ) and Chapter President Dick Bacon
American Legion Color Guard
Robin Temple ( left ) and Chapter President Dick Bacon
Old glory being raised
spectators at our 2015 Memorial
A great crowd for a very rainy evening
Old Glory at Half Staff
The rain didn't keep the crowd away
A brief period of Sunshine
One of Three color guards at the Memorial
Second Color Guard
Chapter member Jim Brown ( R ) addressing the audience and chapter member Dan Imire with Flowers for the ceremony
VietNam Veteran Chris Lynch with Boy Scout Saluting fallen Soldier
State VVA President Ned Foote ( L) and chapter member Dan Imire escorting a relative to the Monument
VVA President Ned Foote (L) and Chapter member Jim Brown observing a member honoring a fallen soldier
A view of the Monument with our Flag
In Rememberance
A somber Sky
Honoring a Fallen Hero
A Flower for each Fallen Comrade
They will never be forgotten
State VVA President Ned Foote addressing the Audience. Chapter member Chris Lynch in background
Chaplain              (L) praying with the crowd. Ned Foote (R)
Third color guard unit
Chapter member Robin Temple (L) reciting a poem to the audience. Ned Foote (R)
Chapter Member Vinnie Spero Blowing "Taps"
Saluting a fallen "Brother"
Chapter President Dick Bacon placing a Carnation for any forgotten Soldier
Third color Guard
color guard
May They never be forgotten
Chapter member Vinnie Spero blowing "Taps"
Pictures from our 20015 Memorial . All pictures with the exception of the last two, were taken by Dorothy Lynch.