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NATIONAL ALLIANCE of FAMILIES  21st  Annual Forum ( date& location pending )
This will coincide with the Governments annual Vietnam POW/MIA Family Briefings.
We urge all family members to attend this year's government briefing.The Government will provide free airfare for two family membersto attend. There is no charge or registration fee and you DO NOT have to belong to an organization to attend  the briefings.
The Alliance is an all volunteer organization. Their meetings are open to all, without charge.  These tough economic times have hit everyone and the Alliance is no exception. Please consider a donation if possible.
Donations may be mailed to : National Alliance of Families
                                                                  P.O. Box 40327
                                                            Bellevue, WA. - 98015
Their website is : www.nationalalliance.org
Their e-mail address is : lynn@nationalalliance.org

H.RES 111 UPDATE  : Thanks to your efforts, H.Res 111 - calling for the information
in the House of Representatives of a secret committee on POW/MIA Affairs has 233 Co - Sponsors. Check to see if your congressional representative is a co-sponsor by
visiting : www.nationalalliance.org/legis/index.htm
If they  are NOT  a co-sponsor, call, write,  fax , or e-mail them and ask that they co-sponsor  H.Res 111  now.

    CHECK OUT    POW/MIA radio on the Internet at :
                 http://www.americanewsnet.com   every Sunday afternoon from 4 - 7 PM
( Eastern Time )  Hosted by Rod Utech, POW/MIA  radio presents interviews with well known members of the POW/MIA  community. 


    Almost four years ago , we discovered two memo's written by Sedgwick Tourison during his tenure as an investigator with the Senate Select Committee on POW/MIA affairs.  The first, dated July 22nd, 1992, began: "My review of JCRC casualty files has surfaced several messages which list a total of nine American servicemen Vietnam has acknowledged were captured alive..."  The nine men are:  Carlos Ashlok
                                               James T. Eagan Jr.
                                               Robert L. Greer
                                               Roger D.Hamilton
                                               Gregory J. Harris
                                               Donald S. Newton
                                               Madison A.Strohlein
                                              Robert L. Platt
                                              Fred Schreckengost
  Remains for both Greer and Schreckengost were recovered. Commenting on that Tourison noted: "During the recovert of their remains in 1990, Vietnamese officials acknowledged they had been captured alive and killed in captivity. The U.S. Marine Corps still does not list them as having died in captivity but to have died while in a MIA  status".
Added to a new list of POW's  are: Richard C. Bram
                                                          John F. Dingwall
                                                          Frederic M. Mellor
                                                          Charles J Scharf
                                                          Martin J. Massucci
                                                          John F. O'Grady
                                                          Thomas A. Mangino
                                                          Paul A. Hasenbeck
                                                          David M. Winters
                                                          Daniel Nidds
                                                          John T. McDonald
  Foolishly, we believe the Vietnamese acknowledgement of capture would be enough to declare the servicemen, referenced in the memo. POW. WRONG! DPMO claimed Mr. Tourison was incorrect in his reading of the documents. Well , if Tourison was wrong, he wasn't the only one.
Discussing records held by the Defense Intelligence Agency, Neal Kravitz , another investigator with the Senate Select Committee on POW/MIA  affairs wrote: " The boxes contain the complete DIA files for 130 individuals who were "Last known Alive" but did not return during Operation Homecoming."